Next to creating my own art, my other passion education! I absolutely love working with students and teaching art. I appreciate all grade levels and the uniqueness each age brings to the art classroom. I wish I could just work with them all! As an art teacher I believe that every student can develop artistic skills and find creative aspects of themselves.  Teaching art is not only about making a nice piece of art, it is about developing essential skills through the art making process that can be applied outside the art classroom as well as in it. My students learn about the challenges and the beauty of the artistic process. My goal is for my students to learn how to problem solve, think critically, be innovative, and discover ways to communicate messages visually. Art is not just a time to have fun (don't worry- I do promote creative fun) but it is also a time to learn from our failures and to persevere. It is about learning patience and novel ways of seeing in the fast-paced world we live in. 

Master of Arts in Education research:

High School Art Student Engagement Through Discipline-Based Art Education and Choice-Based Art Education PDF below:

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