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Hello young artists! If you are in a 1st period drawing, 2nd period drawing, 6th period drawing or 7th period PAINTING, this is the format your DP will take: 

Artist photograph of artwork (take a photograph of JUST the drawing, do not include the wall or floor that is around it. Crop it so it is just the artwork. 

Artist Name

Title of Artwork (in italics), Year


Materials Used

Price (optional)

Reflection (yes, you have to do a reflection this time - at least 1 paragraph): Did you like working on this project? No? What was challenging? What did you like about using the material? Anything else you want to say about it?


Nisty Tharp

Fluffy Doggy, 2018

9" x 12" 

Watercolor pencil on paper


I really liked working on this art piece. I love drawing animals (especially dogs) and so I enjoyed the artistic process. It was challenging getting the proportions right because I always struggle with that. I thought the material (watercolor pencil) was great for creating texture within the dog. I liked doing this artwork but want to use a different material next time, such as pastel!

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