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 Below is an outline for what you need for your final DP update  (due 12/12/2019): 

Photograph of artwork (take a photograph of JUST the drawing, do not include the wall or floor that is around it. Crop it so it is just the artwork. 

Artist Name

Title of Artwork (in italics), Year


Materials Used

Price (optional)

(india ink paintings do not need artist statements, just what is above)

Artist Statement (1st,2nd,6th periods): Write (minimum) a paragraph about your artwork. Think about the meaning behind the artwork and why you chose the material you chose. The questions below can help guide you if you are stuck on what to write (it is not required for you to answer them all).

-Why did you make this type of art?

-What inspired you to create this art?

-Why are you drawn to the subject matter?

-What message is your art sending to the viewer?

-Why did you choose the material(s)?

-What is your favorite part about your art and why?



Nisty Tharp

Fluffy Doggy, 2018

9" x 12" 

Watercolor pencil on paper


Artist Statement: 

Dogs are possibly one of the best things on this earth. They show love no matter what and can make a human feel so much better about their life. My drawing of this dog is done in watercolor pencil, which gives the image of the dog a glowy effect. The glowy effect demonstrates the light dogs can bring to one's life. I chose to create a drawing because not only do I love drawing, but I wanted to show the viewer that dogs are truly wholesome, beautiful, and one of the best things in the world. 

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